Art-Space Start-Up Fundraising Campaign


We wish you well!

We started our Art & Retail Project Execution Phase. Thank G-d we’ve made it to this point!

The purpose of our venture is to provide a location where folks can discover, experience and enjoy the benefits of a really cool Fine Art & Museum Program. Why not also savor fresh delicious brew and pastries Caribbean style. The point is, we’re here to provide a good option in the Arts, Entertainment and Recreation industry.

Now, the objective is to raise an initial amount of $21,580: to cover the costs of renovation and set up at 632 St. Clair Avenue West in Toronto, as well to introduce this new Community Arts Project through a series of shows & events from March 10 to April 15, 2024.

We’re seeking contributions, financing and transactions from interested partners, investors, and community members, in order to execute this timely and beneficial business goal.

Donate $20 or more. Make a generous one of $372 and receive a Special Gift + Twelve Months Subscription to our Artsy Members Club!

Invest $4316 or $10,256.47 for %5 or %9 dividend from revenue for one fiscal year + get a Special Products Package!

Buy a comprehensive $3000 Special Products Package, that includes two original paintings and a drawing by Dovid Remy or another artist from our Group Art Nouveau + a selection of lifestyle products, gift cards and subscriptions!

For more info about our Art-Space Project:

Thank you for your consideration and support!

Kind Regards,