About Us

Who we are and what we do…

At Remy’s Art Project, our mission is to make high value fine art and lifestyle products accessible to the masses.

Our vision is to be a leader in the arts, entertainment, and recreation industry by providing unique, quality cultural goods and services with intrinsic, instrumental, and functional value.

Remy’s Art Project (RAP) is a social enterprise and general partnership (incorporation) that has since February 2019 adopted the appropriate principles and guidelines, thus now functions as an arts & cultural product collective.

We collect and produce special cultural goods.

We promote and distribute primarily through retail and online channels.

We also develop and implement educational programs and creative solutions.

Research and analysis demonstrate that our generation needs visual art, culture and heritage. RAP is equipped to provide its share of unique quality cultural & artistic goods

Social Economic Impact

As a social enterprise we work hard to connect people to the world through our diverse artifacts, cultural goods and services. For sure, consumers as well as clients experience and participate in expenditures that have social and economic value:

Social capital
Sense of national identity / Forming and retaining identity
Collective understanding and response

Secondary Market for New Art

There is an available market made up of groups of people and
organizations that seek and value artistic products and services. There is also definitely a need for the art market to expand and develop a secondary market for contemporary work.

We started our Art-Space & Retail Project Execution Phase. Thank G-d we’ve made it to this point!