Haiti Quakes – MDA Relief Program

Remy’s Art Project is proud to sponsor this timely initiative! As a social enterprise our aim is to positively impact communities through business and marketing ventures.

In the present case we face a formidable challenge to aid earthquake victims in Haiti – particularly in the midst of the current social and political unrest. We keep in mind the added constraint and sorrow confronting the children and senior populations.

The news report the devastating impact on those normally lively and lovely areas hardest hit by the seism (still ongoing). It is also known that more aid is needed to earthquake victims in Haiti. Moreover, major clean up is required in the Country towns’ crumbled homes. We are learning that those injured have no shelter or refuge upon release from medical care. Indeed, there’s also an alarming amount of families and groups in the diaspora with ties to victims.

This appropriate relief action is led by the Mouveman Dyaspora Ayisyen
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, in partnership with Kay Kreyol, sponsored by Remy’s Art Project Inc. – under the umbrella of Pierrespective, a reputable registered Charity in Canada.

The fundraising/charity/repair program will run from September 16, 2021 to January 16, 2022. So it is a short-term project with intended long-term effects.

 Aims are to ensure: 

1. Acquisition, transportation, and distribution of relevant goods and products, including medical supplies and other disaster-relief related items (tents, beds and covers); 

2. Fundraising for direct aid to families and communities in Cayes, Miraguanes, Bonne Fin, Fond des Negres, and Jeremie-Leon

3. Development, promotion and establishment of a unique database – to assist those in the dyaspora that have direct ties to earthquake victims in Haiti.

Lovely places…

Some photographs are fascinating to see as they display some amazing places. We are confident that most would fall in love with the island and its habitants.

Now devastated…

Indeed, unfortunately for the past few years it has been terror, collapse and misfortune almost every day. It is time to protect and rebuild this land, state and nation.